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Hanglory, represented in ANZ by Kissel + Wolf, has launched a new 1200dpi single pass inkjet corrugated cardboard digital inkjet printer, new book and label systems, and a new fully automated display printer.

The company has launched a new integrated digital sign and display platform, the HTA2500ROBO. The company says this platform achieves "full automation" of UV inkjet processes, seamlessly integrating loading, printing, and unloading stages.

In corrugated the Glory160X HD blends single pass core technology with the latest 1200dpi advancements. In the realm of book printing, HanGlobal is showcasing the Kirin660X, a 1200dpi colour book digital inkjet production line, offering an end-to-end solution from prepress preparation to post-printing finishing and ink supply. 

For labels, HanGlobal has introduced an innovative digital inkjet solution that merges proprietary technology LabStar 330S Hybrid with multiple techniques, surpassing, says Hanglory, traditional production processes and quality benchmarks

From the Hanglory stand Bruce Caldwell corrugated manager at Kissel + Wolf in Australia, outlines the new developments to Print21 editor Wayne Robinson, and says why they will make a difference to print businesses in ANZ.

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