Omnigraphics boosts Fujifilm Inca Onset X3 to HS

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Large format digital printing pioneer Omnigraphics Australia has upgraded its Fujifilm Inca Onset X3 to an HS version, almost doubling output from the high-speed wide format printer.

Omnigraphics says it is an important addition to the company’s extensive fleet of large format printers and finishing equipment. The HS upgrade was delayed due to Covid outbreaks, and according to Nathan Sable, CEO Omnigraphics Australia, was worth the wait as it has increased capacity significantly from 183 to 283 beds per hour.

Omnigraphics Australia's Nathan Sable CEO and David Walton, Operations Manager with the Fujifilm Inca Onset X3 HS
Omnigraphics Australia's Nathan Sable CEO and David Walton, Operations Manager with the Fujifilm Inca Onset X3 HS

With a maximum print bed size of 1600mm x 3200mm, the super fast Inca Onset X3 was initially purchased two years ago, to bolster capacity, increase Omnigraphics product range and produce quality work to meet its clients’ needs.

With the HS upgrade it has three separate rows of CMYK print heads, enabling the machine to print three layers of the image per pass. The printhead jet has a 14 picoliter drop size, the comany says this provides the "perfect balance" of quality and volume for the display and POS market.

With the addition of automation (including Omnigraphics’ loader and robotic unload) the print speed can be maintained across numerous products and ensure accuracy within microns, allowing perfect reproductions, paneling and double sided applications.

Specialty modes such as spot colour gloss allows for contrasts to be finished within the same print, providing a satin background and highlighting certain areas with a gloss finish.

The Inca Onset X3 HS comes with Uvijet OX, Fujifilm’s latest high performance ink enabling the machine to print on an extensive range of rigid plastic media at high speed with maximum adhesion, cure speed and quality.

"The Inca Onset has many features, but what appealed to us most was that it offered quality, speed to market and burst capacity to meet our customers’ demands. We also had great confidence in the tech support that was offered and the uptime of the machine," said Sable.

Last year Omingraphics Australia added the EFI VUTEk 5r+ superwide roll-to-roll LED to its stable of equipment, and Sable indicates that the company will be looking to invest in more equipment in the future.

“Omnigraphics have always been at the forefront of new technology so we can provide our clients with the best quality available, in the best possible timeframe. We are currently looking at new printing and fabrication equipment, as well as new software to further complement our existing machinery,” he concludes.


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