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Central Coast based print service provider, Signarama, says that since introducing the HP Latex 800W to its business it has experienced a 25 per cent revenue increase and business growth.

25 per cent growth: Gary and Melissa Marshall with the new HP.
25 per cent growth: Gary and Melissa Marshall with the new HP

Originally founded in 2007, the print house was acquired in early 2019 by husband-and-wife duo Melissa and Gary Marshall, bringing with them a passion for print, and a new business outlook. Keeping members of the original Signarama team, and continuing to support local talent in the print industry, the couple strengthened their expertise and application options.

In the initial days of taking over operations, and before investing in the HP Latex R1000 Plus to replace the existing UV flatbed printer, Melissa said she mostly counted on the company's HP Latex 360 printer to deliver the majority of their large signage jobs.

As the business grew, Signarama started receiving more orders, and quite a lot of them on tight deadlines. This meant the company needed to expand its existing HP printer portfolio to meet demand. Soon after, when one of Melissa’s suppliers suggested the HP Latex 800W and its new white ink capability, she ordered the printer to add to Signarama’s portfolio.

Melissa said, “We can load the HP Latex 800W to print overnight. The turnaround time for projects also improved significantly due to instant-dry prints – the designs were ready to be applied right away, avoiding extra time on drying and lamination.”

She said the HP Latex 800W and its white ink technology was a much-needed upgrade for Signarama in terms of giving the company a creative edge, printing on eco-friendly substrates, enabling faster project completion and delivering high quality outputs.

Craig Hardman, ANZ Large Format country manager at HP said, “We love hearing stories of how our products help Aussie businesses create more efficient processes and ultimately increase their revenue. The HP Latex 800W suite of features enables print service providers to be more agile, tackle ambitious projects and take on the highest value work whilst also delivering fast workflows.”

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