Spicers launches Kavalan non-PVC banner media

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Spicers is launching a new PVC-free banner range Kavalan, which aims to address the growing environmental concerns over the usage of PVC in wide format printing.

Kavalan: Non-PVC banner from Spicers
Kavalan: Non-PVC banner from Spicers

Spicers says Kavalan is lightweight and has “superior environmental credentials”. It says Kavalan is “specifically designed for responsible end-of-life disposal, so it can be safely disposed of regardless of whether it is recycled, put into landfill or incinerated in waste-to-energy schemes”.

The company says that unlike any other product in the large format printing industry before it, Kavalan’s banner range is an alternative to PVC banner. It says Kavalan materials are changing the large-format digital print industry, paving the way for meeting zero PVC targets, while matching the physical qualities and appearance of traditional PVC banner materials.

Wayne Hood, Spicers Sign & Display portfolio manager said: “Introducing the Kavalan range to our portfolio allows us to better align with our customers sustainable initiatives.

“We are constantly searching the world for new products which meet best practice standards in manufacturing, performance and sustainability. Kavalan is a perfect addition to our range offering a non-PVC solution to our customers.”

Kavalan Moonlight: Environmentally friendly
Kavalan Moonlight: Environmentally friendly

While PVC offers real benefits to graphics producers it is severely problematic when it comes to disposal. An increasing number of countries, and major brands, are now specifying suppliers use non-PVC materials. Russia and Denmark for instance have already banned PVC for graphic, others will be sure to follow suit. Print service providers are all needing to provide environmental credentials to major customer groups, including corporates, governments and major retailers.

Spicers says from its “significantly lower carbon footprint and lower water consumption, to its amazing non-toxic biodegradable film, Kavalan is light years ahead of PVC banners".

There are four products in the range: Sunlight, for signage, events, and exhibitions; Moonlight, for light boxes and banners; Butterfly, for indoor and short-term outdoor two-way signage and hanging banners; and Spiderweb, for internal, external banners and window curtains. All the media are suitable for both UV and latex printing.

Vincent Lin, vice-president of manufacturer Taya Groups said: “It is so important with products like Kavalan, with the potential to disrupt and transform the market for PVC banners, that our partners understand and champion the Kavalan philosophy. Throughout our correspondence with Spicers in Australia, it has been clear that Wayne Hood and his team connect with our environmentally responsible mission, and appreciate what Kavalan can do for our industry.

“On top of this, Spicers possesses the technical expertise, marketing prowess and commitment to excellence that will surely see this partnership exceed our expectations. We are delighted to be embarking on this next chapter of our green journey with Spicers Australia.”

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