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The most clicked news story in the print industry this week was the Print21 report on the $100m, five-year print deal signed between IVE and Australian Community Media, and which includes IVE taking the Mandurah print site in WA.

Unlocking value: Matt Aitken
Unlocking value: Matt Aitken

Under the deal, IVE will print the ACM heatset products and will have its first footprint in WA. ACM boss Anthony Catalano has been shedding print plants, he has a track record of outsourcing. For IVE, the new customer goes some way to offsetting the hit it took when Coles pulled out of catalogue printing.

The second biggest story of the week in terms of clicks was the Print21 report on AusPost CEO Christine Holgate and the gift of $20,000 worth of watches to senior execs that caused the prime minister to blow up and tell her to stand aside or be sacked. Whether Holgate goes or stays, the priority for AusPost will continue to swing away form letters and mail unless the government tells it to focus on its public service rather than chasing the biggest dollar.

Coming in at number three was the Print21 report on this year's Print2Parliament, live streamed due to the virus, despite the lead image being a shot of communication minister Paul Fletcher not looking overly stimulated. Some 750 printers around the country tuned in for the event.

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