Brother launches new DTG GTXpro Pouch

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Brother is launching the new GTXpro Pouch direct-to-garment desktop printer, which builds on Brother’s existing GTX technology by combining the advantages of the previous model, with an improved print head, and a whole range of other features.

Direct to garment: the new Brother GTXpro Pouch
Direct to garment: the new Brother GTXpro Pouch

Brother says the new GTXpro Pouch has been created with quality and efficiency in mind. The company says since the first GTX model it has taken major strides in the digital textile printing business to redefine the standards of the industry. The result, it says, is a space-saving and reasonably priced industrial DTG printer for all direct to garment printers.

The company says the introduction of this new machine coincides with a time when the industry is seeing major changes to garment manufacturing, with Australian-based companies are taking much of the production in-house.

“As an organisation that really takes customer needs and support into consideration at every step of the development process, one of our main goals as we roadmap new products is to determine what pain points need addressing and how we can fix them efficiently”, says Greg Benardos, national channel manager – New Technologies at Brother International Australia. “The GTXpro Pouch comes out of a need for efficiency, ink wastage and ink maintenance at a reduction, print speeds at a maximum, and product quality high”.

Direct to garment: new Brother GTXpro Pouch digital print system can produce an array of products
Direct to garment: new Brother GTXpro Pouch digital print system can produce an array of products

He also added: “This machine builds on the already successful GTX, as second generation, we have improved wastage and add features commonly requested by our users.”

The newly designed white print head of the GTXpro reduces the amount of white ink needed for cleaning, and the automatic cleaning processes have been reduced to increase productivity.

With more nozzles than its predecessor, the new white ink head and high-speed print mode enables a ten per cent uptick in print speed.

A new height sensor controls the optimum height of the print platen in order to prevent head strikes. This feature also allows quick switching between decorating different types of garments such as shoes, bag, caps, hoodies.

Brother says its newly formulated inks also provide a bolder, wider range of colours that make it simple to reproduce designs more accurately and with a visible increase in vibrancy.

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