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EFI Reggiani is showcasing sustainability and digital workflow advantages of its textile solutions at ITMA, and presenting its sustainable Reggiani ecoTERRA pigment printing line up.

Sustainable message: EFI Reggiani at ITMA
Sustainable message: EFI Reggiani at ITMA

That line-up includes the high-speed EFI Reggiani Hyper and Reggiani Bolt XS direct-to-fabric printing solutions, and EFI Inèdit end-to-end digital textile workflows.

The EFI Reggiani ecoTerra solution is an all-in-one solution for water-based pigment printing that requires no ancillary equipment for pre- and post-treatment. EFI says that by significantly reducing water, energy and chemicals consumption in the overall process, customers can now obtain a sustainable, direct-to-fabric printing solution.

For the first time at ITMA, EFI Reggiani is presenting its full ecoTerra line up of four models, including a 340mm printing width, with speeds ranging from 150 to 600 sqm/hour.

According to EFI, Reggiani ecoTerra water-based pigment inks deliver wet and dry fastness properties, sharpness in detail, and durability, while also ensuring printhead longevity with reduced maintenance costs. Thanks to the enhanced polymerisation and finishing unit, EFI Reggiani ecoTerra also provides an enhanced tactile experience and fabric softness.

EFI is demonstrating how mass production can transition to a digital, on-demand workflow with the high speeds and high print quality of the EFI Reggiani Hyper scanning printer and the next-generation EFI Reggiani Bolt XS single-pass textile printer.

The company claims the EFI Reggiani Hyper is the fastest scan digital textile printer in the market. It is available in 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.4m versions.

Equipped with 72 printheads and ink recirculation up to the nozzle plate, it can print two pass, production quality at speeds up to 13 linear meters per minute on a 1.5-metre-wide roll. Using the dual-roll capability on the 3.4-metre model, users can achieve throughput speeds up to 20 metres per minute, comparable to some single-pass machines.

EFI says the new Reggiani Bolt XS printer, with speeds up to 100 linear metres per minute, boosted uptime and reliability, and is a digital replacement for rotary printing.

Visitors to the booth are also seeing EFI Reggiani’s new proprietary end-to-end digital printing workflow, and the latest enhancements to EFI Inèdit digital textile software. Inèdit, now part of EFI Reggiani, is one of the leading developers of raster image processors (rips) and related software for digital industrial textile printing.

“ITMA is the largest textile printing showcase in the world and is the perfect stage to present our market leading EFI Reggiani portfolio – from super-fast digital textile printing equipment to end-to-end workflow solutions, to superior-quality aqueous inks and more,” said Scott Schinlever, COO, EFI.

“It is also the perfect opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable printing, demonstrating our innovative ecoTerra pigment printing line up, our new Bolt XS printer, and a number of productivity enhancements – all backed by industry-leading service – that pay dividends for business profits as well as the planet.”

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