The Print Files: Leading in Print, with Debbie Burgess

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Print21 presents episode 2 of the industry's podcast The Print Files - Leading in Print, with Debbie Burgess, joint managing director of Bright Print Group, one of Australia's most progressive print businesses.

This is the first episode in The Print Files' series Leading in Print. Click on the blue button to listen.

We start with Debbie telling us about growing up with the family's print company, how she started working in the business, and the importance of education for her career, and for the whole team at the renowned Bright Print Group.

Leading in Print: Debbie Burgess (right) talks with Wayne Robinson
Leading in Print: Debbie Burgess talks with Wayne Robinson

The discussion then moves on to the challenges in today's print industry, and the importance of in-house knowledge as compared to external, independent people. Debbie then talks about the values of honesty, respect and doing the right thing that underpin her leadership approach, and the way the Group operates,

We also learn about Debbie's development as a leader, and her words of advice for others, especially the next generation of workers and potential leaders.

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the improvements in sustainability of the print industry, the importance of helping others in the community, and how Debbie takes the time to relax and unwind from the pressures of running the Group.

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