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Digital inkjet print systems developer Mimaki has a wide range of technology on its stand with the JV330-160 eco mild solvent 50sqm an hour printer taking centre stage.

Comes with inbuilt XY slitter: Mimamki JV330-160

The machine at the show, which is available in four-colour or eight colour versions, and ocmes with an inbuilt XY slitter, was being advertised with a $199 a week lease deal.

Brad Creighton, national marketing manager at Mimaki said, “The JV330 Series features the new Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology, which changes the order of ink droplet placement depending on the printing conditions”, explaining that this helps “suppress unexpected occurrences of streaks or unevenness of printing caused by slight individual differences in the print head or subtle deviations in adjustment”.

Creighton said, “The XY slitter and the Media Changer are two high-value functions that assist in saving work and labour. The XY slitter has an in-line function that cuts all sides of the media after printing, enabling automatic slit processing without the need of taking-out media. This will significantly shorten the post-process work and reduce the space required for the cutting work that used to be done manually.

“The Media Changer accommodates up to three rolls of media to be able to change by simply turning the handle with light force – this greatly reduces the time and effort required to change media, contributing to a more efficient work environment,” Creighton says. “The result is higher precision and consistency, with less manual interference required.”

Also on show is the new JFX600-2513, the successor model to the JFX500-2131, Mimaki’s large format flatbed LED UV printer. Creighton explains. “It’s a large-format flatbed LED UV inkjet printer with up to 330 per cent faster print speed than JFX500, and is versatile, with six colours available including light colours, a large table size and a vacuum table that supports media as thick as 60mm.”

The machine has also been designed with usability in mind, with support for MDL commands, which make it easy for operators to achieve automation and labour savings on processes like work piece transfer, during printing.
Also on the stand is the TS330-1600 is a water-based dye sublimation inkjet printer for textiles and apparel, which prints between 50-70sqm an hour, and has improved conveyance mechanism and renewed usability, enabling constant quality and stable printing.

For promotional printing the company has the new UJF-6042 MkII e, the successor to the smaller-format flatbed UJF-6042MkII printer.

“The new model has further improved image quality and machine stability, while maintaining the operability that was highly acclaimed in the current model,” Creighton explains.

“With a larger print size of 610mm x 420mm, this new model supports A2 size and 153mm height. In addition, the new printers provide improved usability to the operator by adding visual guidance on the 3.45inch full colour display.

“All UJF-MkII e Series printers feature new MFD2 processing for exceptional image quality as well as an improved, laser gap check sensor, which detects media placement to prevent printheads from making contact with the material during printing,” he adds. “It can even detect transparent materials for superior accuracy and highly controlled media detection.”

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