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HP is aiming to deliver ‘Beyond Expectations’ at Visual Impact, with its focus on driving a more efficient, circular and net-zero carbon economy.

HP, a Gold Sponsor of the Sydney show, is demonstrating solutions designed to deliver a diversity of printed applications, all with quality which it says will be beyond customer expectations, through the versatility of roll-to-roll and hybrid printers, white inks, and prints that respect the look and feel of the substrates chosen.On show at Visual Impact: HP Latex 2700W.

“There are few limitations these days on the range of applications customers demand, or on the level of customisation and personalisation required,” says Craig Hardman, HP’s ANZ country manager for Large Format Printing. “However, it’s not enough for businesses to be able to meet these demands; they have to be able to do so in faster than ever turnaround times, and in a way which is sustainable and profitable for their business.

"This places additional demands on the print service provider, necessitating solutions which simplify and automate print workflows, allow remote monitoring of equipment and provide access to data insights for the business.

Hardman says the HP range on display at Visual Impact Sydney demonstrates highly automated and simplified workflows, including the use of HP Print OS with online management of printer configurations and media profiles, plus sustainable printing,” Our theme for the show is to deliver Beyond Expectations,” Hardman said.

HP says it is the only printer manufacturer at Visual Impact Sydney demonstrating an entirely water-based sustainable printer portfolio, which it says will enable printing of virtually any application, from posters, to signage, to billboards, with odourless, water-based ink.

This includes:
• HP Latex 2700W Printer HP’s new 3.2m wide with white ink
• HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer HP’s 1.6m wide Hybrid with white ink
• HP Latex 800W & HP Latex 700W Printers, both 1.6m wide with white ink
• HP Latex 365 Print & Cut Solution
• HP PageWide XL Pro 10000 Printer, targeting high speed poster printing

HP says the range is designed to provide the diversity and versatility to transform any surface with prints ‘ready to deliver’ straight off the printer to meet tight customer demand, while helping businesses meet even the loftiest eco-ideals.

This issue of sustainability is another focus of the stand at the Sydney show, with HP demonstrating how it achieves the smallest footprint, but “makes the biggest impact.”

“Sustainability is not only recognised now as a business responsibility, but also as a key business driver,” says Hardman. “To achieve the greatest impact, however, we need to work together – for HP to achieve our own sustainability ambitions, we need to enable our customers to meet their own environmental goals. “Visitors to Visual Impact are seeing this evidenced in the increased use of recycled content, ocean-bound plastics and renewable materials in our products.

“Whether it be for a small copy shop or for a larger print service provider, this also means being able to give employees a more comfortable print environment with water-based Latex printing technology and leveraging the environmental certifications of that technology to create more value for the print buyer. We have plenty of options on show, and experts on hand are discussing the potential benefits of these technologies”, says Hardman.

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