Fespa to run new Aussie colour bootcamp

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Fespa Australia will be running a series of colour management online training sessions, hosted by certified instructors who have just been through a three-day intensive online training workshop led by Ray Weiss from Printing United Alliance in the US.

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Fespa Australia: colour management course

The first workshop will run from 26 – 28 October and will be facilitated by Jonny Rumney and Garth Koppel from Celmac.

Nigel Davies, president of Fespa Australia, said: “The goal of these sessions is to develop professionals who understand colour theory and principles, and can manage consistent, predictable and repeatable colour on any system they manage.

“The first colour-management bootcamp was a big success and exceeded our expectations with excellent feedback from students.”

The new-look course will now be conducted online. It has been designed to be as interactive as possible. Livestream question and answer sessions allow for immediate feedback.

The course runs over three days and it is hosted by the newly certified industry experts in colour management. Fespa Australia says attendees will learn about colour theory and principles, goals of colour management, device calibration, time-tested procedures, newest print standards, spot colours, and print verification.

Davies said: “Fespa Australia believes that our industry benefits when we leverage the technical expertise within our supplier community to educate our members. The colour-management bootcamps are an example of how Fespa Australia is seeking to further best practice in this area. We are very fortunate to work alongside these industry experts who have a wealth of experience gained from many years in the industry.”

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