Printers signing up for printed caskets venture

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Printers around the country are signing up for the new printed corrugated caskets venture DaisyBox, which is being run by Greg Nicholls, and is he says set to disrupt the supply chain for caskets and coffins.

New opportunity: DaisyBox coffins
New opportunity: DaisyBox coffins

Under the proposed scheme print businesses will supply what are cardboard caskets wrapped in printed textile, to funeral directors, with graphics reflecting the life of the deceased.

The patented DaisyBox engineered fibreboard caskets will be manufactured in Australia, and delivered as flat packs to print business in pallets, with 33 caskets per pallet. The printer will then assemble the casket, print the graphics, and wrap the casket, much like a car is wrapped.

Nicholls said, “DaisyBox meets the need for low cost, for environmentally friendly caskets, and for personalisation. Production will commence from late October. Our team will train and license up to 45 ANZ wide-format printers across the region, helping them produce low-emission, eye-catching caskets.”

DaisyBox Basic caskets are already available through funeral arrangers focused on industry-change, the new personalised printed initiative offers opportunity to print businesses.

Nicholls said, “DaisyBox offers the opportunity for a celebration of the life lived. It reflects the changing culture around funerals.
Printing direct or using self-adhesive textile for graphic wraps is environmentlaly-friendlier than PVC for casket burial and cremation. Corrugated fibreboard is much less expensive than solid timber, while MDF is environmentally problematic. Corrugated fibreboard cremates efficiently, and is of course biodegradable."

The DaisyBox graphics will come from preloaded generic imagery, rather than relatives of the deceased supplying photos.

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