Top 7 Day Print News Click: CEO email scam

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The most clicked story on the Print21 news website over the past seven days was our report of the print business that was robbed of $100,000 in the so-called CEO email scam.

Gone: $100,000 in CEO email scam
Gone: $100,000 in CEO email scam

The PVCA has warned all printing businesses to apply a strict no to any email request for urgent, import, irregular funds transfer purportedly coming from the CEO, no matter how convincing the email is. The CEO of the business in question has said they will never see the money again and said his insurance will not cover it.

Not far behind on the Print21 clickometer was the Bauer sold to Webstar NZ owner Mercury Capital for a knockdown price story. Bauer is the biggest publisher in Australia with 55 per cent of the market, its printing is split between Ovato and IVE, and in New Zealand it was the biggest publisher by far before stopping two months ago, leaving a huge hole in the Webstar NZ production schedule.

Rounding out the top three clicks of the week was our report on the first HP Indigo 12000 HD in Australia, installed by Anthony De Stafani's Allclear Print + Sign in Brisbane, supplied by Currie Group.

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